Radio control for all Summit HQXXX-24V actuators


Radio control for all Summit HQXXX-24V actuators

Select Art.No.: 45003
This set consists of a power supply, a radio switch and a remote control
Radio control for all Summit HQXXX-24V actuators.

The set is suitable for controlling a Summit 24V actuator.

The radio switch can be operated in two different modes.
Mode 1: Toggle switch mode
The motor moves to the respective end point after pressing a button. Stop only by changing direction or pressing the stop button on the remote control.
Mode 2: Mode button
The motor only runs as long as one of the direction buttons is pressed.

The set consists of the following components:
1x Mean Well power supply
1x radio switch
1x remote control
2x connecting clamps
1x assembly / assembly instructions

Technical data Mean Well power supply:
Input voltage: 100-240VAC 3.0A 50 / 60Hz
Dimensions (HxLxW): 90mm x 54.5mm x 70mm
Output voltage (nom.): 24V DC (adjustable 21.6-29V DC)
Output current (max.): 4.2A
Power: 100.8W

Technical data radio switch:
Input voltage: 5-24V DC
Max. Load: 10A
Frequency: 433 Mhz

Technical data hand transmitter:
Frequency: 433 Mhz Range 20-50m (depending on the environment)

When using the set with other motors, please pay attention to the Voltages and maximum currents to avoid damage!

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