Johansson Stacker 9738 - 2 to 1 Unicable


Johansson Stacker 9738 - 2 to 1 Unicable

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The dCSS stacker has two satellite inputs and one output with two unicable user bands.
Outlets from Twin / Quad LNBs or the outlets of a classic multi-switch can be used to allocate the inputs.
In addition, a terrestrial signal can be introduced via input 1.

The device will stack both lines (input 1 & 2) to one cable.
The power supply of the 9738 dCSS stacker is either via the connected receivers
or alternatively via a separate (not included) power supply.

At the dSCR output either a Unicable Twin Receiver,
or two unicable capable single reveivers are operated.
Receivers with EN50494 or EN50607 are supported (Unicable I / II)

The conversion takes place optionally on the user bands
1 and 2 (1076 | 1178 MHz)
or 3 and 4 (1280 | 1382 MHz)
or 5 and 6 (1284 | 1400 MHz)
or 7 and 8 (1210 | 1420 MHz)

DiSEqC 1.0 and DiSEqC 2.0 are supported by the dCSS stacker 9738!
The system is therefore also suitable for systems with multiple satellites.

Usage example:
In an existing system, the satellite connection in the living room should be an additional Cable for the supply of a twin device can be extended. You now have two exits of the attic mounted 5x8 multiswitch on the two inputs of the dCSS stacker. At the dSCR output of the stacker you now connect the existing line to the living room, and can now operate a Unicable capable TV / receiver with twin tuner.

Technical specifications:
Inputs: 2x Sat (1x combined with Terr)
Input frequencies: 5-862MHz / 950-2150MHz
Output frequencies:
User band 1 and 2 (1076 | 1178 MHz)
or 3 and 4 (1280 | 1382 MHz)
or 5 and 6 (1284 | 1400 MHz)
or 7 and 8 (1210 | 1420 MHz)
dSCR output level: -23 dBm
Input level: -45 to -15dBm
Return loss:> = 8dB
Terrestrial Attenuation: -7dB
Switching commands: DiSEqC 1.0, DiSEqC 2.0, EN50494 SCD, EN50607 SCD2
Power consumption SCR connection: <4W
DC passage STB> Input: 100mA max per port
Separate power supply (optional): max. 500mA, 20V
Dimensions (LxWxH): 90x85x40

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