DVB-T Outdoor Antenna EE 40XWL


DVB-T Outdoor Antenna EE 40XWL

Select Art.No.: 34198
UHF Outdoor Antenna
Suitable for the reception of poor signals, they are produced with alluminium alloy printed
elements wich are pre-mounted to allow an easy immediate assembling.
Reflectos are realised with pre-galvanised varnished grid.

LTEfree with built-in notch filter
40XWL antenna with filtered dipole at high rejection. In case of highly interfering signals,
the block filter on the dipole circuit allows a better attenuation of the LTE interference.

Channels 21..60
Elements 41
Gain 10...14,5 dB
Front-back ratio 26 dB
Horizontal beamwidth 40°...24°
Wind loading 8.9kg
Length 1170mm

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