Help - Main

    No prices ?

    Prices are only shown after you have logged in !
    Click on "LOGIN" on the top right of the site, next to the national flag.

    Return to the start page ?

    You can always return to the start page by clicking on our logo at the top left of the site

    Find item?

    On the left side you see an overview of all categories.
    Categories with a ">" contain further subcategories.
    Click on a category to view all included products and subcategories.
    By selecting a subcategory, the display is limited to the items inside of them.

    It is also possible to use the search-input in the right corner on top of the side to select desired items.
    As a result, only articles will be displayed, containing all of the keywords you entered.

    Select attributes ?

    In some categories/subcategories you have the option, to display only products with specific attributes
    For example we use the category "LNB" .
    In the bar above the displayed items , you will see the selection criteria "FEED" and "TYPE" .
    If you select an attribute , such as " TYPE: Twin" , you get only displayed Twin LNBs.
    To view all the items again , select " TYPE: Show all" .

    Show product details ?

    To view the detailed product information click on the product photo/item-text of any article .
    There you also can see the stagger prices (if available).

    Shopping cart?

    Click on "ADD TO CART" at the desired article.
    A message above the shopping cart appears and shows you that the item was added.
    After clicking on the icon , the content of the shopping cart will be displayed .
    Select "DISPLAY CART" to view the content of your shopping cart, or " CHECKOUT " to continue with the payment.
    ( The cart will not appear until after you have logged in ! )

    How to order?

    Click on the basket icon.
    Select "DISPLAY CART" to view the contents.
    You now will see a list of all products in the basket.
    You can update the quantity of each article or removed items.

    Click "CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP" to go to the address data.
    Here you can define the billing / shipping address ( Multiple delivery addresses can be stored ).

    In the next step you will see the shipping and payment terms.
    (Shipping take place always with "standard shipping"-option)

    After selecting the payment method an overview of all data and products will be shown.
    Check your entries and confirm our terms and conditions.
    Now click on "ORDER NOW" right on the bottom of this listing to place the order.

    Account ?

    Select " ACCOUNT > MY ACCOUNT " right on the top of the site to display the customer's account .
    Here, you can manage your billing and shipping addresses , change the password,
    see the notice list or check your order history.

    Add to notice list ?

    If you are logged in, you also have the option to add items to your Wish-List.
    In the detailed view of each article you will find next to the article title a little arrow-down symbol.
    Go over it with your mouse and click "ADD TO WHISH LIST"
    (Access to the notepad under "MY ACCOUNT > MY WHISH LIST " )

    Download price list ?

    You will receive a current price list of all articles as *. csv file in your account by clicking at "Download Pricelist"