Mobile charger type 2 16kW (1 phase or 3 phases) incl. adapter


Mobile charger type 2 16kW (1 phase or 3 phases) incl. adapter

Select Art.No.: 28018
Output power (1 phase or 3 phases) max. 16 kW
Mobile ESM charger type 2 max. 16 kW including adapter for Schuko socket and CEE 16A.

Control is via a colored LCD touch display. It offers the possibility of single-phase or 3-phase charging, associated adapters (1x Schuko plug, 1x CEE 16A) are recognized automatically. The length of the charging cable is 6m. The charging current can be limited, there is also the option of time-delayed charging.

Handling: You can start charging your vehicle right away. Connect the type 2 plug to your electric car. The mobile charger automatically checks whether the connection is secure (handshaking protocol) and establishes a connection to your electric vehicle, then charging starts. The charger has an automatic safety check, please note the information on the display on the charger.

- Standard: IEC62752:2016 - Charging current: adjustable up to a maximum of 24A - Max power: 16kW - Degree of protection: IP66 dust / water resistance - Overheat protection - Overvoltage protection - Overcharge protection - Operating voltage range: AC 230~400V - RCD Type A+6mADC - Natural air cooling - Ambient temperature: -40C° ~ +70C° - Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% - Dielectric strength: 2000V - Weight : 7.5KG - Charger size (without cable and plug): 300x66x86mm - Contacts: Copper plated and silver or nickel plated

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