Stacker / deStacker Johansson 9645KIT


Stacker / deStacker Johansson 9645KIT

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max. 50m cable length / with DiSEqC support
Stacker / deStacker
Combines two coax cables together into one coax cable and can be used anywhere
where a second coax cable can not be installed. Suitable for multi-feed systems.

The Johannson 9645 Stacker / deStacker can be used with cable lengths up to 50 meters.
The input frequencies 1 x (5-2150 MHz) and 1 x (950-2150 MHz) are being stacked and transported
in the frequenzy range 5-3550 Mhz over only one coax cable.
At the end of the line the "deStacker" is used to unstack it into two coax cables.

It can be used two single receiver or one twin receiver without functional limitations!

Stacker / deStacker works in conjunction with Twin or Quad LNB's, or can be connected to a multiswitch.
The terr. Signal (47-950 MHz) is also transmitted.

Important installation notes:
- Mount Stacker as close to the LNB as possible
- Maximum cable length between Stacker / deStacker 50m
- No Sockets or distributors may be mounted between Stacker and deStacker


Input LNB 1 5 - 2150 Mhz.
Input LNB 2 950-2150 Mhz.
Output 5-3550 MHz.
Input level max. <88 dBµV
Dimensions 125 x 115 x 45mm
Power is provided by deStacker

Input 5-3550 Mhz.
Output LNB 1 5 - 2150 Mhz.
Output LNB 2 950 - 2150 Mhz.
Dimensions 141 x 90 x 40mm
Damping Ter. -1dB / Sat. 4dB / Converted satellite +5 dB
Current consumption 0,7W
Power is provided by the receiver

Scope of delivery
- Stacker
- deStacker
- Cable tie

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