Stripper for coaxial cable


Stripper for coaxial cable

Select Art.No.: 32263
Supported cables RG6 RG58 RG59
- Patented stripper for coaxial cable
- For professional use
- Supported cables: Mini, Midi, RG58, RG59, RG6
- 2 blades for simultaneous stripping of the outer conductor and the inner conductor in one operation
- Both blades are precisely adjustable to different cable types
- blades pre-set to 6.5 mm

User Guide:
The stripping device is pre-set for 6-7 mm cables.
For thinner cables, push out the orange cable guide and reinsert it accordingly.

Hold the tool with the setscrews in the hand,
Open the device and feed the coax cable from the left. Close the device.
Now turn the tool 4-5 times around the cable.

Then open the device, remove the cable and remove any insulation residue.

Does a blade not cut deep enough (or too deep)
the blades must be readjusted with the hexagon socket wrench attached to the tool:
- turning the wrench clockwise - blade cuts deeper into the cable
- Turn the wrench counterclockwise - Blade cuts less deeply

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